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Preparing Cocktails

Make a splash at your next house party...


Gather your friends for an intimate + interactive cocktail class taught by one of our mixology directors. Learn the methods behind crafting delicious cocktails, how to make your own syrups + tonics, and tips on getting creative when adding garnishes. 

Here's how it works ...

Choose up to three sprits that will act as the base of each cocktail [Vodka, Gin, Rum, Bourbon, Tequila, etc]. Our Bar Director will use what you've selected to design a custom cocktail menu for you and your guests to study.


Alcohol will need to be supplied by the you, however we will advise you on quantities based on the number of participants. We will supply everything else!


Each participant will have their own cocktail station which will include:

Bar mats

Bar tools


Specialty Ingredients


Recipe Cards

Ice Buckets

After an in-depth, educational demonstration on how each cocktail is crafted, everyone will have the opportunity to try their hands at shaking them up!

There will be enough product to make 2 of each cocktail.

Classes run approximately 1.5 - 2 hours, however if you would like your bartender to stick around and keep the party going, by all means! Hourly rates will apply for bartending service thereafter. 

Please fill out the form below. You will be contacted by one of our Mix Representatives to discuss details further and will receive a quote. 



The same rules apply, but instead of an in-person demonstration, you can opt to mix cocktails right from your own kitchen.

Bar kits can be delivered or picked up.
These kits will include:

-Bar Tools + Glassware
-Specialty Ingredients
-Recipe Cards

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