The ultimate house party.

Gather up to 12 friends for an intimate + interactive 2-hour custom cocktail class taught by our Mixology Director, and boogie to a live DJ right in your home. Learn the methods behind crafting luxury cocktails, the "how to's" when making your own syrups + tonics, and how to get creative with garnishing drinks. Your new skills will be sure to  impress your guests at your next dinner party.  

Here's how it works ...

Choose up to two sprits that will act as the base of each cocktail [Vodka, Gin, Rum, Bourbon, Tequila, etc...]. Our Bar Director will use what you've selected to design a custom cocktail program for you and your guests.


Alcohol is provided by the host [or create a pot for your guests to chip-in on], but leave the rest to us. Your mixologist will prepare custom syrups, tonics, bitters, and supply all the necessary bar tools. 

After an educational demonstration on how each cocktail is crafted, feel free to try your hand at shaking one up. If you're not brave enough, no worries, you'll have a DJ there playing music for you and your friends to boogie to while you sip away at your cocktails.

Classes run 2 hours, however if you would like us to stick around and keep the party going, by all means!  DJ + Bar services will operate on an hourly rate thereafter. 

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